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  2. Secret of Happiness

    I recently downloaded the Android apps Secret of Happiness and 101 How-to-be-Happy Tips because I was kind of bored yesterday and yes, I wanna be happier. Who doesn’t, anyway? :P

    The Secret of Happiness app is a 30-day challenge wherein it reminds you every morning to list 3 things you’re thankful for and 1 thing you would want to accomplish for the day. And at night, it reminds you to write 1 thing that made you happy.

    101 How-to-be-Happy Tips, on the other hand, is just a list of little things that could, well, make you happy (duh).

    I’m the kind of person who stresses out on things at a slightly more exaggerated level than other people (I might as well throw some LSP alumina ceramic), so I need something to get me out of that pit. So for the next days, I’m gonna be taking on the happiness challenge and I’m hoping that it will become a habit, and of course, make me happier. :)