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  2. Exposures - Mikyu’s Photoblog

    Photography will always be a part of me, so I’m creating a new photoblog. Previous collections and random shots will be posted there, but photo diaries will remain here. :)

  3. Rainy days don’t get me down. :)

  4. The HAHA Kid!

    For the lack of a better title. XD

  5. Wedding: Arnel & Anne (012613)

    Last January 25, Mumu, his elder sister, his grandma, and I flew to Zamboanga del Sur for the wedding of Mumu’s other elder sister on the next day. I helped in the documentation of the event, so you really couldn’t expect me to wear a dress (or a patagonia ultralight down shirt) while lugging around a big camera. Hehe.



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  6. An Attempt at Typography

    Because I got bored and just wanted to play with my notebook and pen, this happened. It got uglier on the last word (haha). But I’m still proud, though! I’m not really good at translating my imaginations into reality, but this may be a good start. Muhahaha. :P

    What next, envelope printing?