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  2. From Cute to Wild: D’ Hacienderas at Cafe Caw and Music One

    I’ve been wanting to see my college barkada for months now, and we finally did last Saturday! It was a celebration of some sort for an achievement. :)

    We originally planned to go to Cafe Noriter ‘coz I was thinking it was a perfect place to chill and catch up. But when we got there, it was full (considering it was a weekend), so we just took some pictures.


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  3. Unposted Adventures of 2012

    I haven’t been able to blog about these experiences last year because I’ve been inactive in the blogosphere for months. When I came back, I "rebranded" my blog. And if you’re wondering, I also have been missing for the past days because I got so occupied with work and business, which I was also enjoying so I’m not complainin’. ;) I’m just hoping to be back on track this month. So while I’m still out and about with what’s keeping me busy, here is a short recap of my unposted adventures of 2012.

    Island Hopping - May 2012


    My college barkada together with Mumu’s college barkada went island-hopping for summer (May 2012) last year (no la blanca swimwear sale happened, hehe). Our route: Sulpa Island —> Pandanon Island —> Caohagan Island —> Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary. We spent most of our time in Pandanon Island where we played frisbee and the snake game. And we were just swimming at every stop, not actually staying in the islands. :P

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  4. D’ Hacienderas Christmas Celebration 2012

    Every year, we make it a point to gather with our barkada and celebrate Christmas early in a simple way. For this year, we had a lunch out at Cafe Georg.

    That’s not my food, though. Hehe. As what’s expected, we did some catching up and shared some jokes and funny stories. This is what makes me miss these girls so much. :P

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  5. D’ Hacienderas in Davao

    This was taken last April 2011, me behind the camera. Pffft. Hahaha. :P

    I seriously miss these girls (Jessa, Leslie, Shalee, Aimee)! Makes me wanna go back to college. Not for the classes (hehe) but for all those moments we spent talking and laughing at the canteen, in the classrooms, on the corridors, etc. Can we please schedule another ‘vacation’ outside Cebu? :D