manila weeks 2 & 3

Manila So Far: Weeks 2 & 3

  1. I applied for a South Korean visa the other Monday (the Korean Embassy is just a kilometer away from our office), and on the next Monday, I was glad to get my passport back with the visa pasted on it!
  2. Lunch at Uncle Cheffy with some of our projectmates — Surf & Turf and Panizza!
  3. Johnel, the last 1/3 of our Cebu team, arrived last weekend (with souvenirs from South Korea)!
  4. Karen, Johnel, I, and 2 more friends dropped by Local Edition Coffee & Tea for the Design Her Story Bazaar. I finally met Camie, Arriane, and Abbey! I also bought a notebook and a sticker. <3
  5. Serious cooking c/o Johnel and some mixes! :))
  6. Bonding with more projectmates (boys, boys, boys) at Dencio’s despite the weather!

I’m afraid my blog’s gonna be filled with this kind of posts for the next couple of months. Though I feel more productive here ‘coz I get to focus on my job when I’m in the office and more work when I come home (I actually get frequent headaches because of this setup), it’s kind of sad that I haven’t achieved work-life balance yet. Also, I still have to help my friends make our itinerary for 2 more trips this year, and I still have to clear my blog backlogs. Waaahhh! X(

I believe we’re still in the process of adjusting, but I can’t wait to go an a vacation in a few days and take my mind off work. Beach, please! :P

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manila week 1

Manila So Far: Week 1

One week down, many more to go! :P

Karen (my teammate) and I just came out of our first week in Manila, and everything has been good so far! We did grocery shopping last weekend and just last night, and it made me feel more like an adult! I don’t really buy groceries in Cebu since my mom or aunt does it for us.

Living in Manila without our families is starting to make us more independent — we wake up early to prepare our lunch (actually, we just pack our free breakfast), we arrive early in the office to work our asses off, and we go home early to prepare dinner. So adult of us! It actually also makes me more productive because there are lesser distractions — I get slow data connection (Smart) in the office so I can’t easily browse through some sites even though I have free time, and when I get home, I go straight to photobooth work after dinner since there’s nothing else to do. :))

Karen and I are both noobs in cooking, but we’re trying to learn. For now, we’re using the weekend to learn more about the art instead of going out. When Johnel (another teammate) arrives from his vacation, that’s the time we’re gonna explore Manila a bit more.

That’s about it for my quick update. :)

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SG day 2

{Solo Travel} Singapore 2014 – Day 2: River Safari, Singapore Zoo, and Night Safari // Photo Diary

With all the walking during my first day in Singapore, my feet were already feeling slight muscle pains even before I arrived in the animal kingdom. But that didn’t stop me from enjoying the spectacle. :)

River Safari

Operating Hours: 9am-6pm daily

River Safari, Asia’s first and only river-themed wildlife park, is the easiest to navigate — it is the smallest among the 3 parks, and you just have to go in one direction to see all the animals.

Alligator Gar
Alligator Gar
African Dwarf Crocodile
African Dwarf Crocodile


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the happy list 02

The Happy List (02)

  1. A good and relaxing body massage
  2. Discovering new blogs
  3. Being able to talk issues out
  4. Meeting blogger friends for the first time (Hanmae, Janine), and again (Cebu Bloggers Society members)
  5. Conversations on this blog’s comments section
  6. A chance for independence
  7. Truly fast LTE connection (because sometimes, LTE = H+ in speed)
  8. Revamping my phone’s home screen to make me more productive *wink*
  9. The convenience of online transactions
  10. Hugs & kisses from Mumu <3

Our trip to Manila is fast approaching, and I’m already imagining our everyday life there. It’s my first time to be away from Cebu for this long. I don’t want to spoil it, so I hope I’ll have more reasons to write more happy lists! :D

This happy list is inspired by Camie Juan. :)

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Coffee Prince Cebu

Coffee Prince Cebu officially opens today, August 17! :D

I was invited to their soft opening yesterday, and I was happy to oblige! Korean-inspired cafes are fast growing in Cebu and though I’ve only been to a few, I know they all have one thing in common: cute interiors!

coffee prince cebu

The place is still sort of bare (well, given that it’s newly opened) compared to other Korean-inspired cafes with all their hanging photo prints, scattered post-its, and giant stuffed toys (Coffee Prince Cebu has this), but they have the love locks!

love locks at coffee prince cebu

I’m pretty sure this will fill up quickly. But the cafe keeps the keys, so I guess everyone will have a space in his/her own time. ;)


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