siargao day 2

Siargao 2014 – Day 2: Island Hopping (Guyam Island, Daku Island, and Naked Island)

(Day 1: First Moments in the Island)

The whole of our 2nd day in Siargao was spent island-hopping (it’s part of the package we got from Paglaom Hostel)! Most of the time, people follow the Naked Island —> Daku Island —> Guyam Island route. Because of that, we went the other way around to avoid too much crowd.

island hopping

The guide, Cocoy, Sanne, and Choco (one of their fun-loving dogs)
The guide, Cocoy, Sanne, and Choco (one of their fun-loving dogs)


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siargao day 1

Siargao 2014 – Day 1: First Moments in the Island

This trip was a summer getaway planned by my boyfriend (now blogging over at for the PhotoPlus team as a celebration of our anniversary as a business. We arrived in Siargao Island in the afternoon of April 30, and a van took us to Dapa where we bought necessities for our stay in the island, then to Paglaom Hostel in General Luna.

paglaom hostel

Paglaom Hostel is kind of a quirky hostel that feels like home, too. We were welcomed by Cocoy (the owner) and his dogs Barbie, Batman, Choco, and Panda (we met Cocoy’s girlfriend Sanne the next day). They were very warm and accommodating, so it was easy to love them and the place!


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this & that 06

This & That (06)

I’ve been meaning to blog about our recent trip to Siargao (already created a draft, actually) but there has been a lot of stress at work lately so I wasn’t able to work on my post. I don’t know if I should call it the good kind of stress — I really enjoy coding ‘coz it challenges the mind, but it has been giving me frequent headaches. Haha.

While I continue getting busy with work until this major task is done, let me share to you what I’ve been doing while not in front of the PC:

  1. Mumu’s sister bought an Xbox 360 for their family (kids) in Zamboanga del Sur. Before Mumu personally delivered it there, we had a few nights of playing childhood games! Aaww, I should make a blog post about those games from the past and resurrect my throwback blog series — A Dose of Nostalgia.
  2. Our internet connection got wonky for a few weeks so I decided to contact PLDT to have it fixed. It was also during that time that our 5-year-old router broke, so PLDT’s remedy (WiFi modem) came just in time!
  3. We’re going to have a new home soon (it would be better if we used eldermark senior housing software)! I’ve visited the place quite a few times and I’m happy to see the progress! Thinking about designing my own room gets me excited!
  4. The PhotoPlus team went to Siargao for a 5-day vacation. More on this soon! Apparently, everyone enjoyed the trip so much that we decided to book another trip to the island this September!
  5. I’ve mentioned a few times that I’ll be traveling (partially solo) to Singapore & Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) this coming June, and I’ve been doing some preparations like booking hostels, reading blogs, and discussing stuff with Mumu (we meet halfway through the trip). I’m getting paranoid with immigration, but I don’t think I should be scared when I don’t have any illegal intentions.
  6. My batch at work celebrated our 2nd anniversary in ACN! We had dinner at Abuhan in IT Park and realized it wasn’t all worth it. We didn’t get enough of what we paid for. Pffft.
  7. I’m not in any way athletic, but I joined Run and Rock Cebu (fun run organized by ACN) just to sweat it all out! And to add to the healthy lifestyle, I did yoga for the first time with my friends! All the stretching and balancing was exhausting, but I’d like to continue doing it soon!
  8. I accompanied Mumu during his passport application since he wasn’t able to join me when I processed mine last year. For those in Cebu who still don’t have a passport, you can read the outline of the process for passport application in his blog.
  9. Of course, videoke sessions will always be a part of #buhaytrabahante! During our latest session, though, I slept at the later part of the warbling. I got too tired to function!

I will be posting my travelogues soon. I just hope I’ll have even just a few days break from mentally exhausting tasks. :P

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Bayani Challenge / Bayani Chillin’ 2014 in Bohol

I was in Bohol from April 12 to April 18 for the first week of the Bayani Challenge and some summer fun. This year’s event was different from the past years, though. And you’ll see why. Or not. :P

I went to Bohol with some of my friends from Gawad Kalinga. We actually arrived in the island on the evening of April 11 and we stayed the night in Maribojoc, in the house of one of our tito’s in GK. Here’s a day-by-day summary of what went down during our stay in Bohol.

Day 1 // We went to Loon South Central Elementary School carrying all our big and heavy bags after lunchtime (it’s where we’re gonna stay for the duration of the event). We were late for the opening ceremony at the Loon Municipal Hall since we were cleaning the house we stayed at the night before. We weren’t able to join the activities, too, so we just went walking around town.

to loon


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javakulaws summer outing

JavaKulaws Summer Outing in Medellin, Cebu

It was a really hot summer weekend, and I was glad that our summer outing / teambuilding activity finally pushed through!

Medellin is a 3-hour ride from Cebu City. We didn’t take the bus since we rented a van, but the travel time is pretty much the same. We lodged at Tapol Beach Resort but on our first day, we went to FUNtastic Island in Gibitngil Island via a 30-minute pump boat ride from the mainland. The water was super clear that all you’d want to do is swim/float all day, but it was also saltier than what we’re used to.



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