bayani challenge 2013

Bayani Challenge

Spot me in the picture! Haha! That was taken last April 2012 in Amlan, Negros Oriental during the Bayani Challenge.

I first joined this 5-day event last 2011 and that was one of my highlights of that year (unfortunately, my blog post about it went down with my WordPress blog). Ever since then, I’ve been volunteering for Gawad Kalinga and I joined the same event last year, which also was an instant highlight. :)

It’s an event that could change your life and the life of others. I encourage you to join this year in any of the 34 provinces, and who knows, you just might like it! :D

For more information on how to join this heroic event, please do visit these sites:

Mikyu Maglasang

Mikyu is a software engineer, a blogger, a photography enthusiast, and an adventurer from Cebu, Philippines.

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