the happy list 02

The Happy List (02)

  1. A good and relaxing body massage
  2. Discovering new blogs
  3. Being able to talk issues out
  4. Meeting blogger friends for the first time (Hanmae, Janine), and again (Cebu Bloggers Society members)
  5. Conversations on this blog’s comments section
  6. A chance for independence
  7. Truly fast LTE connection (because sometimes, LTE = H+ in speed)
  8. Revamping my phone’s home screen to make me more productive *wink*
  9. The convenience of online transactions
  10. Hugs & kisses from Mumu <3

Our trip to Manila is fast approaching, and I’m already imagining our everyday life there. It’s my first time to be away from Cebu for this long. I don’t want to spoil it, so I hope I’ll have more reasons to write more happy lists! :D

This happy list is inspired by Camie Juan. :)

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Coffee Prince Cebu

Coffee Prince Cebu officially opens today, August 17! :D

I was invited to their soft opening yesterday, and I was happy to oblige! Korean-inspired cafes are fast growing in Cebu and though I’ve only been to a few, I know they all have one thing in common: cute interiors!

coffee prince cebu

The place is still sort of bare (well, given that it’s newly opened) compared to other Korean-inspired cafes with all their hanging photo prints, scattered post-its, and giant stuffed toys (Coffee Prince Cebu has this), but they have the love locks!

love locks at coffee prince cebu

I’m pretty sure this will fill up quickly. But the cafe keeps the keys, so I guess everyone will have a space in his/her own time. ;)


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Leaving the Comforts of Cebu

Several weeks ago, my 2 teammates (at work) and I were informed that we’re gonna be assigned in Manila for a couple of months. Just this week, we were told that it had 75% chance of pushing through. And today, we’ve already booked our flights and accommodation. To add to that, we’re flying out this August 30, and we’re gonna be staying in Manila for 4-6 months!

It was pretty sudden. I’m actually open to this idea, but I’m not sure how I’m gonna handle it when I’m already there. We’ve lived in Manila for a week for training last March, and things felt so different (of course). I woke up early (haha); I was away from my family, Mumu, and friends; I was ‘home’ early during the weekdays (not that I’m always home late). There’s quite a lot of things to mention. I can’t imagine (yet) how I’m gonna live with that for long. But! I love adventures, so I’m considering this as one. :D

While in Manila:

  • One major disadvantage I can think of is that I have to fly back to Cebu for my upcoming travels ‘coz I think it would cost me more if I rebook my flights. But it’d be easier for me to apply for a South Korean visa!
  • I’d be forced to learn how to cook ‘coz my mom/aunt won’t be there to do it for me (haha). I have zero skills in the kitchen (is frying a skill, though?). I’m not one bit domesticated.
  • There’s a higher chance I’ll be meeting or bumping into Manila (or wherever-in-Luzon) bloggers! Hi guys! :))
  • I will terribly miss the beaches and our usual hangout places. :(

Of course, I will miss Mumu and my family. LDR ang peg! But despite Manila life being harder, I’ll welcome the endless possibilities with open arms! Aja! :D

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Learning a New Language

Back in my high school and college days, I used to allot some time to study the Japanese language (Nihongo) on my own. What prompted me to choose this language was the fact that I grew up watching anime and JDramas, not only the tagalized ones but those with the original Japanese audio with English subtitles. This activity was just like living in Japan for a few hours and listening to people having conversations. The only difference was that I understood what they’re saying through reading English translations.

This made Japanese easier for me to learn. The only problem I have with it is the writing. Sure, hiragana and katakana are easier to grasp — you just have to memorize around a hundred symbols for both of them. But when you go to kanji, that’s another story. That’s about 50,000 additional characters to learn (though you only need to memorize around 2,000 to get by). For a foreigner, that’s a bit crazy, isn’t it? No wonder it’s one of the hardest languages to learn. That’s why I mostly just settled for romaji and kana, especially because I was just learning on my own.

I had a good progress, but that was just the basics. Soon, I stopped my study (but I still have the most basic of the basics in my mind, hehe). There was also a short period in my life wherein I tried to learn Korean writing (Hangeul). I proceeded with learning French (le français) just this year, still through self-study and through Duolingo. I chose this language ‘coz it uses the alphabet in writing, and it’s listed as one of the easiest languages to learn. But as expected, I wasn’t able to keep up. Just recently, we had a crash course on French, and it was a bit refreshing.

Now, I’m actually having a dilemma on what language to continue studying — Japanese or French? I really wanna learn another language properly, apart from English, Filipino/Tagalog, and Bisaya. It’s actually a bit unfair since I still haven’t given French that much chance by listening to real conversations just like I did with Japanese. And no, I don’t think I can learn both at the same time. I’m just having a hard time choosing because of my history with Japanese and the ease of French. I also want to learn Italian, but that might be reserved for another time. :))

Do you have a suggestion on what I should take first? Do you also have other languages that you would like to learn? :)

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SG day 1

{Solo Travel} Singapore 2014 – Day 1: Walking Tour // Photo Diary

When I arrived in Singapore on June 25 midnight (June 26 early morning) and was on my way to Happy Snail Hostel, I was very pleased with what I saw — super clean streets and tall buildings everywhere! It made me look forward to the days ahead!

Checking in to the hostel when everyone was asleep and the sun was nowhere to be found was nothing like I imagined — no dark alleys and scary tambays. It was made easier by the instructions sent in by Mike, the hostel owner.

My ‘official’ first day in Singapore was spent walking around and getting to know the city. All the transportation details I originally wrote down were for buses, and I figured there’s a bigger chance I’d get lost by bus than by MRT, so I ditched the notes and just relied on Google Maps and the SG MRT/LRT map. A very big thanks to those two for guiding me everywhere! :D


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